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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge

This guide will help you find information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, history, culture, and rights.


Artwork by Narelle Urquhart (2018)

 The painting here is Burleigh Mountain which we call Jellurgal.  The story of it is about Jabreeni, which is a giant and the mountain actually is his back and the rocks out the top are his fingers.

 I’ve placed people on the bottom left because the mountain is very cultural.  There is a shell mound which is 4000 years old and then the sharpening rock on the top right and all the basalt rocks at the base.

It is Tallebudgera Creek and the beauty of the waterways and the changing sandbanks. I did it as a night painting with the Milky Way through it.”   ​Narelle Urquhart – is a Wiradjuri artist











Painting: Urquhart, N.2018, Jellurgal, Yugambeh, Queensland, Wiradjuri, viewed 20 July 2018.