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Bond Vancouver referencing

This guide will help you discover how to reference a source in the Bond Vancouver style.


About this style

Vancouver is a numbered style:

  • In-text citations appear in consecutive numerical order, indicated by superscript numbers.
  • Numbered references containing full bibliographic details are listed at the end of the document. References are listed numerically, in the order in which they appear in-text.

The National Library of Medicine's publication Citing Medicine informs the Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals. The American Medical Association has adapted those sources to produce their version of Vancouver, published as the AMA Manual of Style. The AMA Manual of Style, 11th Edition serves as the basis for the Bond Vancouver referencing style, with minor amendments to reflect student assignment requirements.

Please refer to your chosen journal's website for specific referencing requirements if you are preparing a manuscript for publication.

Students may use this guide to create references by hand or with EndNote. For EndNote support and training, see the Library's Guide to EndNote.

Bond Vancouver PDF and AMA Manual of Style

Bond Vancouver
Referencing Guide

 Print PDF

AMA Manual of Style,11th Edition

Available online

Available at Main Library
R119 .A533 2020

Bond Vancouver – EndNote output style

Installing the output style:

  • Download the output style.
  • Open the file - it will open with EndNote.
  • Choose File > Save As. Give the style an appropriate name, eg. Bond Vancouver, AMA 11th.
  • You will now be able to select that style for use in EndNote and MS Word.