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Copyright for students

Maximise the creation and use of materials while meeting your copyright obligations, as a student at Bond University

Copyright & the web

Using Internet resources

With digitisation, copying has become very easy. Text, pictures, video, photographs, computer programmes and sound recordings are easy to transmit and receive around the planet, and the copy is indistinguishable from the original. This ease of copying tends to make us forget about copyright and ownership. However, the vast resources of the internet, while often freely distributed, are protected by copyright, and should be dealt with carefully.

If you want to use material found on the web for your research and study, you may do so under the fair dealing provisions and use up to 10% or 1 chapter of a work, but remember that you are restricted to using the material for that purpose only.

You should also check the terms and conditions on the internet site and establish if the terms allow you to use the work for purposes, such as research, education or non-commercial purposes. In any case, unless copying and distribution are specifically permitted by the website, you should confine yourself to personal use of the material; i.e. do not make multiple copies, incorporate into your own website, or republish in any form, without first obtaining permission from the website owner.

Most of the music, television programs and movies available for download from websites or through peer to peer networks is in the form of illegal copies, which infringe copyright. If you come across a website offering lots of downloads from many different bands and artists for nothing or a very small fee, then you can be fairly certain they aren't legitimate.

Bond University Student Acceptable Use Policy

Using Bond University computer equipment to download, upload, share or store music, television programs or movies without the permission of the copyright owner is a breach of the University’s Student Acceptable Use of ICT Facilities Policy and may cause you to be involved in disciplinary action, and to have your account suspended. You will also be vulnerable to prosecution by the media industries.