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Copyright for Staff

A guide to assist Bond University staff maximise the creation and use of print, online and audiovisual materials while meeting copyright obligations.

Subject resources guidelines

Easy guidelines for providing digital or hardcopy resources to your students

It is the responsibility of subject coordinators to ensure that all resources used, or made available for a teaching subject are copyright compliant and meet the requirements of the University’s licence agreements.

Many articles and book chapters can now be accessed online via library subscriptions at no cost to the teacher or student.  An alternative to hardcopy course packs for many items is to contact your Faculty Librarian who can provide stable, copyright compliant links which can be placed directly into a ‘Readings’ or 'Resources' area of your iLearn site.

Irrespective of the source and format of the course material, you can avoid copyright complications and ensure easy delivery to your students by following the solutions below:

Is the material accessible via an adopted textbook site, or an open access site? 

            Link directly to this material from your iLearn subject site.  

Is the article available from an e-journal database?

            Link directly to the article from within iLearn. 

           Contact your Faculty Librarian for assistance in linking to articles within library databases.

Is the article/book chapter available in hard copy only?    

            Lodge an 'Subject Resources Request Form' with the Library (see directly below). 

The Library will do all the necessary copyright compliance checks, digitise the material, provide access to the article/chapter through the catalogue and provide you with a link to place on your subject site in iLearn.

Following the above procedures gives students easy access to your subject material as they can read online, print or download it for their personal research, or study under the Fair Dealing section of the Copyright Act.   

To use materials beyond the limits of the licence agreements, such as uploading whole copyright documents (PDFs) into iLearn, requires seeking permission in writing directly from the copyright owners. 

Make a request

Please follow the link to the Library Subject Resources Request Form


Printed course resources

Staff members are allowed to make course packs of readings for distribution to students provided the copying of each component is within the limits set by the CAL licence and any charges are based on a legitimate cost-recovery basis. There must be no element of profit when calculating charges to students.

If you decide to supply a paper copy of resources to students please note:

Under part VB of the Copyright Act and Bond University’s CAL Agreement for print and graphic material the following limits apply:

  • 10% or one chapter of a literary text, or dramatic work;
  • One article from a journal (or more than one article if they relate to the same subject matter);
  • All of a literary, or dramatic work (up to 15 pages) from an anthology, which includes conference proceedings and published editions of collected works.

Please note that some subscription electronic databases will not allow digital, or print course pack copying.

Hardcopy course packs can be printed on demand at the Bond University Online PrintShop based in the Main Library.

Staff must prepare a Cover page for the materials which includes:

    • the name of the department
    • the subject name and number
    • a description of the purpose for which the materials are made (eg. Tutorial Readings, Semester 3, 2014), and
    • a statement in relation to copyright in the following form and size should appear on the front cover:    
This compilation of student reading material has been made in accordance with the provisions of Part VB of the Copyright Act for the teaching purposes of the University. For use only by the students of Bond University enrolled in the subject: <example>BMED12-119 Biological and Physical Chemistry


There should be an Acknowledgments page at the beginning of the readings. References should include:

    • name of author
    • title
    • publisher (if known)
    • number of pages copied


Journal article:           

Diversi, T. (2013). Behavioural nutrition: Strategies to promote healthy eating in adolescents. Journal of the Home Economics Institute of Australia., 20, (3), 13-19.

Book chapter:

Waynforth, D. (2013). Evolutionary perspectives on father involvement. In Natasha J. Cabrera and Catherine S. Tamis-LeMonda (Eds.). Handbook of father involvement: Multidisciplinary perspectives, 22-36. New York, USA: Routledge.