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 Ebook illustrationBond University Library has over 300,000 eBooks available to students and staff.

The eBook collection covers a range of disciplines as well as general interest topics.

This guide covers the basics of finding, printing, copying and downloading eBooks.

On Bond student computers, an eBook can only be read online, not downloaded. The software required to read eBooks offline (Adobe Digital Editions) is not installed on Bond student computers.


Please note: To access Proquest Ebook Central on and off-campus, you must log in using your Bond University student or staff username and password.

eBooks and digital rights management (DRM)

Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems prevent the unauthorised use and copying of digital resources. While many of the library's eBooks are protected by DRM, these terms of access are set by the eBook vendor, author or publisher - not the library.

The most common form of DRM for eBooks is Adobe DRM. Ebooks on third-party aggregators (such as Proquest Ebook Central) are protected by Adobe DRM, which monitors and limits printing and copying/pasting allowances.

Library Resources for ebooks

eBooks at Bond Library