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Library Search plugin

Download the Library Search Plugin from the Chrome Web Store to search Library Search, PubMed or Google Scholar from any webpage you are on.

There are two options for using the plugin:

  1. Highlight text on your webpage, right click and select a search option from the 'Search with Library Search Plugin' menu. You will then be taken to a results page for your search.
  2. Click the Library Search Plugin icon in your browser, enter your keywords, select your search option and click Search. You will then be taken to a results page for your search.

Google Scholar button

Google Scholar has a citation lookup button for your browser called Scholar Button. With Scholar Button you can use a citation you find anywhere online, highlight part or all of the citation and when you click the Scholar Button it will search for the item in Google Scholar. If you have set up Bond Library in the Library Links the 'Find It @Bond' link will be displayed when full text is available from Bond Library. To install Scholar Button, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Google Scholar
  2. Open the settings
  3. Select Button
  4. Install Scholar Button on your browser (Chrome, Firefox or Safari)

Google Scholar search button