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Library Orientation

Explore this guide to learn more about the services, support and resources the library has to offer both new and returning students.


The first question most keen new students often ask is "Where can I get my textbooks?"

The best place to find and access the library copies of your textbook is through your subject's Resource List. Watch the video below to learn all about your Resource Lists. The first 1 minute and 15 seconds would be the most relevant if you are a new student trying to find your textbook.


Copies of textbooks will be available to borrow from the Library 'Reserve Collection', and many textbooks have eBook access through the Library too. Explore the Library Search page on this guide to learn all about finding and borrowing books.

If you wish to purchase your textbooks, you can:

  • Click the "Check purchase options" link in the book record in Library Search to compare availability and prices from a range of booksellers in Booko. See the video below for how to find the link. Students studying remotely can change the region of the Booko website to see availability from local retailers.
  • Search and purchase using the Booktopia textbook finder service.

If you are buying second-hand textbooks, please ensure you are getting the correct edition and title, as you don't want to pay for a book that is not currently being used.