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News Corp Offer for Bond University

Special offer for Bond University staff and students to News Corp content.


What sites can I access with this subscription?

  1. Gold Coast Bulletin
  2. The Australian
  3. Courier Mail (Brisbane)
  4. Daily Telegraph (Sydney)
  5. Herald Sun (Melbourne)
  6. The Advertiser (Adelaide)
  7. NT News (Darwin)
  8. The Mercury (Hobart)
  9. Townsville Bulletin
  10. Cairns Post
  11. Geelong Advertiser

Most of these also have apps for IoS and Android devices. Check the App Store, or Play Store on your device.


When will my subscription end?

The subscription ends on the 18th February 2023.


What happens at the end of this subscription?

A renewal of the campus subscription will be investigated later in the year based on feedback and usage by Bond staff and students.


Will I have to pay for this subscription?

No, this subscription is provided to you courtesy of Bond University.


Who is eligible for this offer?

This offer from News Corp is only for current Bond students and staff.  If you are alumni, please look at our guide for Alumni for other free information sources.


Can I share my subscription with others?

No, this subscription is only for your use.


Can I change my registration details online?

Yes, log in to the Gold Coast Bulletin or The Australian websites. You can update your details in "My Account". Please only use your Bond email address.


Can I get print copies delivered a part of this subscription?

No, this offer is only for digital access.