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News and newspapers

This guide will assist you to find information and library resources for news sources, and newspapers.

Library Search

Library Search

To find a specific newspaper (e.g. The Australian) search for the newspaper title in Library Search. From here you will be able to see whether we have the newspaper in print or online. Click on the newspaper title in Library Search and view the 'Get it' or 'View it' sections to see where it's available.

Library Search has a "News Articles" link - use this feature to find news on a topic.

How to search for subjects with a News database

ProQuest Australia & New Zealand Newsstream 

ProQuest Australia and New Zealand (ANZ) Newsstream offers access to leading Australian and New Zealand newspapers. Combining content from Fairfax Australia and Fairfax New Zealand, News Limited, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and APP newswires, ANZ Newsstand provides the very latest local, regional and national news.

TVNews (Informit)

TVNews indexes Australian television news, current affairs and selected documentaries from the free-to-air networks with links to the digitised video content in a compressed format. All individual stories from a particular broadcast are indexed with a detailed synopsis. TVNews is updated daily, with stories appearing on an evening news broadcast generally being available for access the next morning.

The video for each story or documentary is available in MPG4 format as a progressive download, allowing viewing to begin before the total video file is transferred. Items range from under 30 seconds for short stories, to over an hour for selected documentaries.

News Articles (Library Search) searches across the news sources pasted below (but you can select which to include/exclude from results)

  • In News Articles (Library Search) you can only filter by year (not month or day), but a similar search could be done. It would take a little bit of post-search filtering to just include Canberra/ACT news sources.
  • TVNews searches across televised news platforms (96 different titles).  Good for non-newspaper sources. 
  • Newsstream would be the best one to work in. Here is an example of a subject search string:  ((outlaw motorcycle gangs OR bikie gangs OR bikies)) AND loc.Exact("Canberra Australian Capital Territory Australia" OR "Australian Capital Territory Australia"). Additional limits - Date: From 01 January 2014 to 30 September 2019.

The results will give you a breakdown of subjects and the number of stories ie

Subjects                       Number of stories

gangs                           107

criminal investigations   65

cocaine                          36

firearms                         35

organized crime            24