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This guide contains information and links to videos to get you started with NVivo.

Add sources

Adding sources to your project

The following online training videos show you how to import documents, PDFs and web pages into your NVivo project.

Online Training Video Provider Content 
Importing Sources (4:39mins) Ben Meehan  
  • Create a new project
  • Create sub-folders
  • Import documents
  • Move documents
Import documents into NVivo 10 (2:58mins) QSR International 
  • Create sub-folders
  • Import documents (N10 - Using right click; N9 - Using ribbon)
  • File types
  • Selecting multiple files to import
  • Open imported documents
  • Navigate between open documents
Import PDFs into NVivo 10 (1:26mins) QSR International 
  • Import PDFs (N10 - Using right click; N9 - Using ribbon)
  • Select multiple files
  • Open PDFs
Importing a web page into NVivo 10 (3:07mins) QSR International  
  • Use nCapture tool to capture a web page as a PDF
  • Create a memo using nCapture dialog box
  • Code using nCapture dialog box
  • Import from nCapture - using the ribbon
  • Open PDF of web page
  • Code contents - text and images
  • Use active hyperlinks within the PDF of the web page
Capturing Web Data in NVivo 10 (1:41mins) QSR International 
  • Screen animation only - no narration
  • Capture web page as PDF using nCapture
  • Code contents of PDF
  • Use active hyplerlinks within the PDF of the web page
  • Build queries using coded content
Work with interviews, articles and other documents(12:27mins) QSR International  This tutorial uses the Sample Projectto demonstrate how to work with documents in NVivo.  The tutorial shows how to:
  • Prepare interviews – semi-structured for future autocoding
  • Import Word transcripts
  • Code selected text into themes (code to nodes)
  • Autocode
  • Create case nodes for each participant
  • Create classifications and attributes
  • Add demographic data into classification sheet
  • Create annotations
  • Make connections using See Also Links (cross referencing)
  • Word Frequency query
  • Import PDFs
  • Add annotations, see also links, coding to PDF
  • Manage bibliographic data
  • Import bibliographic data from EndNote