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This guide contains information and links to videos to get you started with NVivo.

Classifications & attributes

Classification and attributes in NVivo

In the following online training videos, the presenters show you how to create case nodes for people and places, create node and source classifications, create attributes for classifications, assign values to nodes and sources, view a classification sheet, and import and export a classification sheet.  You will also see how assigning demographic values to case nodes can be used to build queries and analyse your data.

Online Training Video Provider Content 

Creating and importing classifications and attributes in NVIvo 10 (2:17mins)


QSR International

  • Create a node classification (N10)
  • Create attributes for a classification (N10)
  • Create values for an attribute (N10)
  • Import a classification sheet of attributes from Excel
  • The Import Classification Sheet Wizard (N9)
  • View classification sheet (N9)
  • View imported attributes (N9)
  • Create an attribute (N9)

Create nodes from sources in NVIvo 10 (1:49mins)

QSR International

  • Create case nodes for participants from multiple interview transcript sources (N10)
  • View new nodes in Nodes subfolder (N10)
  • View content of each new node in detail view (N10)
  • Create a case node from a single interview transcript source (N9)
  • View new node in Nodes folder (N9)
  • Code another source to new case node (N9)
  • View coding in the new case node and check the sources of the coding using the Text tab (N9)

Classify nodes to apply attributes in NVivo (2:09mins)

QSR International

  • Classify a number of nodes to an existing classification at the same time
  • View Node Properties to assign values to attributes already created for the classification
Working with information about people, places and other cases (11:03mins)

QSR International

This tutorial uses the Sample Project to demonstrate how you can work with information about people, places and other cases.  Topics include:
  • Source and Node Classifications
  • Create a built-in Node Classification with pre-set attributes
  • Add attributes to Node Classification
  • Add values for an attribute
  • Create nodes for each person (case nodes) from source transcripts
  • Assign new nodes to existing classifications
  • View content of nodes
  • Check Node Properties
  • View Classification Sheet
  • Edit Classification heet
  • Add new values to Classification Sheet
  • Import Classification Sheet from an Excel Spreadsheet
  • View new nodes in Classification Sheet
  • Code select source content to themes (nodes)
  • Matrix coding queries
  • Coding queries
  • Aggregation
  • Organise case nodes
  • Chart
  • Cluster analysis diagram
  • Export to SPSS or Excel
NVivo 10 Coding Sources to Classification Nodes (4:00mins)   

Deborah Rowe

  • Add attributes to a Classification Sheet
  • Create values for an attribute
  • View Classification Sheet
  • Edit attribute using Attribute Properties
  • Update data in a Classification Sheet
NVivo 10 Importing and working with Classifications (6:09mins)

Deborah Rowe

  • Explanation of Classification Sheet prepared in Excel
  • Create cse nodes of individuals
  • Import Classification Sheets Wizard
  • Import Excel spreadsheet as Node Classification
  • Edit Classification Sheet
  • Code source data file at an existing node
  • View source using Coding Stripes
Where are my case nodes gone and how can I connect them to my attributes? (5:07mins)

Ben Meehan

  • Create case nodes from source transcripts
  • Assign to a classification if one exists
  • View nodes for each individual
  • Create a node classification using pre-set attributes
  • Explanation of Source Nodes
  • Add values to an attribute
  • Assign a classification to new case nodes
  • View Node Properties to assign values
  • Add new values
  • Use attribute and coding to build queries to analyse the data
Linking coding to attributes in NVivo (3:00mins)    Ben Meehan
  • Purpose of attributes
  • Linking data coded to case nodes with external demographic data (attributes)
  • Create new attributes and values
  • Assign attribute values to individual case nodes
  • Purpose of this link between coding and attributes