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This guide contains information and links to videos to get you started with NVivo.

Coding data

Coding data in your project

The following online training videos show you how to create nodes and different ways to code data to selected nodes. They also show how to uncode, code NVivo, code on, and autocoding.  In addition to discussing how to re-organise nodes within folders, the presenters demonstrate how to manage your coding with coding stripes, highlighter, aggregations, and by creating a Code Book.

Online Training Video Provider Content 
Organise material into themes with coding (13:12mins)

QSR International

Different approaches to coding

  • Different ways to code source content
  • Uncoding
  • Change workspace with View ribbon
  • Autocoding
  • nVivo Help
  • Nodes List View
  • Coding on
  • Spread coding context
  • Re-organise nodes - folders, merge, hierarchy, move
  • Aggregate nodes
  • Suggestions for exploring nodes with visualisation and coding queries

Creating nodes in NVivo 10 (2:13mins) 


QSR International 
  • Create a node
  • Aggregate nodes
  • Create a hierarchical structure

Coding documents in NVivo 10 (2:40mins) 

QSR International 
  • Open a source
  • Display nodes List View
  • Drag and drop
  • Coding stripes
  • Aggregate nodes

Coding PDFs in NVivo 10 (2:27mins)

QSR International 
  • Drag and drop
  • Open nodes in List View
  • Change PDF selection to code tables, charts or graphics (N10)
  • Coding Stripes (N9)
NVivo 10 Coding (6:15mins) Deborah Rowe
  • Create parent and child nodes
  • Move nodes in hierarchy
  • Change detail view from bottom to right
  • Coding Stripes
NVivo 10 Uncoding (2:18mins) Deborah Rowe
  • Two ways to uncode in a source:
    • Ribbon
    • Right Click

Uncoding content coded incorrectly in NVivo 10 (2:07mins)

Ben Meehan
  • Two ways to uncode:
    • Undo last action or string of recent actions
    • Right click
      • in a node
      • in a source
NVivo 10 Making a Code Book (6:10mins) Deborah Rowe

Create a Code Book - i.e. a list of all nodes and descriptions:

  • Check descriptions are present for each node using Node Properties
  • Create a new report using Code Wizard
  • Check out pre-formatted reports
  • Change detail view

Formatting in Word for Autocoding in NVivo (4:46mins)

Ben Meehan
  • Pre-order data preparing for coding i.e. topics and subtopics
  • Apply Heading Styles
  • Format reearcher's text to differentiate from interviewee's text
  • Line spacing
  • Change and update style formatting attributes
Example of Autocoding (4:22mins) Ben Meehan
  • Heading Styles for semin-structured interview questions
  • Create a new folder in Nodes
  • Autocode dialog box
  • View new nodes
  • Cut and merge

Reviewing coding in NVIvo using Coding Stripes and Highlighter (3:54mins)

Ben Meehan
  • Coding Stripes
  • Highlighter