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NVivo training

This page contains information about NVivo 12 training opportunities, including freely available video series, text resources, and certified short courses available to Bond University students and staff.

Video resources

The NVivo YouTube channel offers short training videos for Mac and Windows users. 

NVivo and the Dissertation Literature Review - This video from QSR International demonstrates how to use NVivo for a dissertation literature review. 

Text resources

Short courses

Lumivero, the publisher of NVivo, offer two certified courses

These are available at no cost for Bond University staff and students. To get the promotional code required for free registration, please contact and let us know whether you need training on a Mac or Windows device. 

NVivo 12 Fundamentals

NVivo 12 Fundamentals is an online, self-paced course running for four weeks from log-in time. It requires approximately 12-14 hours to complete. Topics include:

  1. Setting up a project and ensuring that all the components of your research design are represented in NVivo 12.
  2. Importing and organizing your source material in readiness for analysis.
  3. Starting the analysis process through reading, summarizing and interpretation.
  4. Deepening your analysis through different coding techniques and reflection.

NVivo 12 Moving On

NVivo 12 Moving On is an online, self-paced course running for four weeks from log-in time. It requires approximately 12-14 hours to complete and is designed for researchers who have completed the fundamentals course. Topics include:

  1. Understanding the value of building effective node structures.
  2. Working more efficiently with classification data.
  3. Working with text analysis queries to explore and code textual data.
  4. Integrating survey data and cross-tabulate.
  5. Exploring patterns with coding queries.
  6. Deepening your analysis process by linking and grouping data.

How to add your NVivo 12 Fundamentals and Moving On training codes

Create an account by clicking Customer Login and then NVivo Login on the Lumivero webpage and then click on NVivo Academy to add your training codes and begin your courses. For detailed instructions, see the How to redeem NVivo Course Codes document below.