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Resource list – guide for educators

Step by step instructions for creating and managing Bond University Resource Lists.

Add tags + public notes

HOW TO: Add tags and public notes

Tagging allows you communicate important information about a resource with your students and the library. Here are the available tags and their meanings:

The tags available to communicate with students are:

  • Prescribed resource - indicate to students which texts are prescribed for the course
  • Recommended resource - indicate to students which resources are recommended 
  • In-class resource - indicate to students that the resource will be used in class
  • Class preparation - direct students to use the resource before class
  • Assessment support - resources with this tag could include material that will be assessable, or support assessment, such as a 'how-to' video

The tags available to communicate with the library are:

  • Add to Reserve Collection - use for books or physical items you'd like added to the physical library Course Reserve collection
  • Scan for e-Reserve - this tag will prompt the library to digitise and link to the chapter or article you request


  • Click Add tags
  • Select tags from the drop-down menu

That's all you need to do. Once you've sent the list to the library to review (next step), library staff are guided by the tags you've added.

The Public note field is a free text field. You can use this field to write notes to students about a resource.


  • Click ... at the top right of the citation
  • Select Edit item
  • Add your note to the Public note field
  • Click Save

*The note will be visible when viewing the citations in the list view.

Adding hyperlinks to public notes
  • If you want to add a clickable hyperlink into a public note for a resource, type the URL into the public note
  • If you want to create clickable text instead of a visible URL, type the URL into the public note, then add vertical lines | pipes | around a bit of text after a hyperlink (see images below)

screenshot of how to format text for hyperlink

Screenshot of how link displays

HOW TO: Edit multiple citations

It is possible to edit multiple citations at once, to add or remove tags, add or remove public or private notes, or DELETE citations.

Please be careful not to delete citations unintentionally, as there is no 'undo' button.


  • Select  at the top of the list
  • Choose ALL citations by selecting the check box at the top of the list, or select individual citations, by checking the box at the left of each
  • Make your edits from the right-hand pane
  • Select Save