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Resource list – guide for educators

Step by step instructions for creating and managing Bond University Resource Lists.

Create list

To create a list, log into iLearn and select the subject you wish to create the list for, then use one of the following options.

HOW TO: Create list

There are two methods to reuse an existing list. You can either duplicate or manually roll a list over. Steps for both methods are listed below. 

HOW TO: Create list by duplicating an existing list


The duplicated list will contain the citation details and links only - student interactions marked against the old list will not be carried over to the new one. To connect it to a subject:

  • Click the ... menu
  • Select Manage course association
  • Look up the subject by title or code
  • Select the correct offering
  • Click Associate & close

HOW TO: Manually roll a list over

To work on a list for a future semester, before the 'rollover' process has occurred, you can manually roll lists over as needed.


  • Open the list you want to roll over
  • Click the ... menu of the list you wish to roll over
  • Click Roll Over List from the menu

Please be aware that any subsequent changes made to the original list will not be reflected in rolled over list.

NOTE: If the list is “locked” and the Roll Over option is not visible, contact your Faculty Librarian to do this for you.


  • Open Books & Tools from the iLearn Details & Actions options, then select Resource List
  • Click the Create It button
  • Give the list a Title -  this could be the name of the subject. It can be edited after the list is created
  • Add a description - this can be changed or removed later
  • Click the Create button
  • Choose one of the templates or select Blank to start with a blank canvas


  • Open Books & Tools from the iLearn Details & Actions options, then select Resource List
  • Click the Upload It button
  • Choose Import .lgn file
  • Drag the file into the box or browse your computer for the file*
  • Give the list a name - usually, this is the name of the subject, it can be edited later
  • Add a description - this can be changed or removed later
  • Click Confirm
  • You can edit this list in any way you like - it's not linked to the original list

*To reuse an existing list, you must first download a copy of it. If the list you want to reuse is one of your own, open it and click the ... icon at the top left of the list. Click Export and choose To .lgn file. Take note of where the file saves to your computer, so you can upload it later. 

On rare occasions, your subject will need to be created for the Resource List before you can create the Resource List. If you are presented with a screen asking for Subject details, follow these steps.

Steps to create subject

  • Open Books & Tools from the iLearn Details & Actions options, then select Resource List
  • Choose the To date
  • Choose the From date
  • Add Number of Participants (number of students enrolled)
  • Select your Academic Department
  • Click Create

Steps to create Resource List

Choose one of the following options:

Create It

  • The default Title will be the name of your subject. Change this if you'd prefer
  • Add a Description (this can be changed later)
  • Click Create

Upload It
Choose a previously saved Leganto list file. See the tab From a saved list (.lgn file) in this guide.

Roll Over

  • Select Roll Over
  • Select the course from which to copy reading lists
  • Click Continue