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Resource list – guide for educators

Step by step instructions for creating and managing Bond University Resource Lists.

Create sections

  • If you've selected a template in the previous step, you will see titled sections in your list, ready for you to fill with resources.
  • If you've chosen to reuse an existing guide, all sections and resources from the guide you've reused will be there.
  • If you've selected a blank template in the previous step, you will have an empty list.

HOW TO: Work with sections

HOW TO: Create sections

  • Click the NEW SECTION button at the top of the list
  • Give the section a name and description
  • Click Save

HOW TO: Rename a section or add/amend description

  • Click the ... button at the top right of the section
  • Click the Edit section button
  • Update the title and/or description
  • Click Save

HOW TO: Move sections around

  • Close all sections - click the toggle view icon at the top of the page to close all at once
  • Click and hold the blue handle that appears at the right-hand side of a section, to drag it into its new position

HOW TO: Copy sections between lists

  • Select ... top left of the section you with to copy
  • Select the list you would like to copy the section to
  • Click Confirm

HOW TO: Add a visual hierarchy to a list

Add indentation to reading list sections to show up to four hierarchical levels within reading lists:

  • Select the Toggle View icon  to collapse the sections.
  • Select the right/left arrows to add/remove the section's indentation.
  • Sections can be indented up to three steps.