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Getting started in the new user interface

A new look Resource List interface is coming in January 2024. The new design focuses on streamlining essential tasks for both educators and students, presenting a simplified view with a user-friendly interface. This guide shows the steps for common workflows and tasks in the new interface from January 2024. For information on using the current interface, see the Resource List - Guide for Educators.

Resource Lists facilitate collaboration between educators and the library, ensuring students have access to subject resources from iLearn, including prescribed readings, websites, journal articles, and videos. The capabilities of Resource Lists include:

  • Curation of subject resources: Easily create lists and arrange items in sections, whether weekly or by topic.

  • Link to diverse resources: Link to a wide range of resources, such as books, articles, digitised chapters, open access materials and web resources.

  • Simplified copyright management: Request digitisation of book chapters directly from the list to ensure copyright compliance and ease of access for students.

  • Resource purchase requests: Submit requests for resources not currently available in the library's collection.

  • Enhanced student engagement: Use features, including tags, public notes, timed material release and student discussions to enrich the student learning experience.


The steps in this workflow are outlined in more detail in the pages of this guide.

Animation License: CC BY-SA 4.0


  Educators Library Team
Before the semester begins Update the resource list, focusing on the initial weeks of the semester. Add links to the list in the iLearn subject site. Process resources lists, which includes ordering new items, scanning copies for E-Reserve and recommending resources.
O Week   Automatically publish lists on the subject start date.
During the semester Continuously add resources to the lists as needed. Add links to the list in the iLearn subject site. Librarians can visit classes to demonstrate the lists to students upon the educators request.
Week 10   Perform the rollover of lists for the upcoming semester.
End of the semester Begin preparing resource lists for the upcoming semester. Lock lists for the semester that has just finished.

iLearn help

All subject content (lecture slides, weekly powerpoints, seminar notes, tutorial worksheets etc) should be placed into the Weekly Content section in iLearn rather than the Resource List, as per the University's policy. You are encouraged to book an appointment with the Office of Learning and Teaching to get expert assistance with your iLearn site template and content.

Resource Lists New User Interface - Guide for Educators