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Exporting references

Save to RefWorks Tab

Install the Save to RefWorks bookmark to your browser bar and add full-text references from any website.  

1. Find the Tools menu in the top right-hand corner by selecting your name:

2. Click and drag the button to your bookmark/favourites bar.

3. Save websites and journal articles using the Save to RefWorks button.


Exporting references from databases

Library Search and some of the library databases enable you to export your search results to your RefWorks database. It is important to remember:

  • Always open your RefWorks account before exporting
  • Exporting is seldom 100% accurate - due to the metadata descriptions issued by different authors, publishers, databases
  • As with any reference management platform - It is essential to check the quality of the references and edit them if necessary.

Exporting references

  1. Go to Ebsco
  2. Seach for information on your chosen topic
  3. Click the title of the article you wish to export
  4. Select Export from the Tools menu
  5. Select Direct Export to RefWorks and click Save

Exporting references

  1. Go to ProQuest
  2. Search for information on your chosen topic
  3. Select the check boxes next to the articles you wish to export
  4. Select RefWorks from the Export/Save drop-down list

Exporting references

  1. Go to Google Scholar
  2. Search for information on your topic
  3. Select Cite
  4. Select RefWorks to import citations to your RefWorks account​

Exporting from Library systems

In Library Search, look for the Refworks option in the Send to section of a record, or in My Collection you can send a batch of records by selecting them.

Send to buttons in Library Search



You can also set up an integration between the Resource List system and your Refworks account.

Referencing style guides

The following guides have been created to assist you in referencing the most common types of sources in styles used at Bond University.