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Writing and citing

Writing with Refworks

This video outlines how to use the different RefWorks features and add-ons to streamline citing and creating a reference list.

Quick Cite - from Refworks platform

Quick Cite is accessible from within your Refworks account. 

Refworks Citation Manager Word plugin

RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) is an add-on for Microsoft Word. It is a more modern version of Write-N-Cite that allows you to run a simplified version of RefWorks inside Word.

You can get RCM from within Word.

  1. Insert
  2. Microsoft Store
  3. Search for RefWorks

Screenshot of RefWorks integrated into MS Word

RCM documentation

Write-N-Cite - from Word

Write-n-Cite works on older versions of Word that are incompatible with RefWorks Citation Manager.

  • Windows users of Microsoft Office 2016 can choose to use Write-n-Cite or RefWorks Citation Manager.
  • Macintosh users of Microsoft Office 2016 must use RefWorks Citation Manager.

If you want to insert references using the Write-N-Cite tool on your personal computer in an older version, download the plugin from RefWorks and follow the Download & Install instructions.

Write-N-Cite documentation