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Saving searches and documents

Saving and exporting results

To save your search results, click on Save your search, provide a title to your search, and save. You can view the saved search on your home page after logging into i2i (see the image below).

Screenshot: My Saved Searches

By default, search results are sorted by relevance. To sort search results by alphabet, choose alphabetic from the drop-down menu.

To export the search results, click on the export button, select the columns required, and export.

Creating a personal collection

To add documents to a collection, select the documents and click Add to collection (see the image below).

Screenshot showing Add to collection option at the right of the document details

Watching documents for updates

To watch documents for updates, click on the eye icon in the search results. 

Icon: eye

To watch multiple documents, select them in the search results and then click Actions > Watch selected.

 Screenshot showing Actions menu