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What is Believe it or Not?

"Is it reasonable to believe..." kickstarts the question for the Critical Thinking & Communication essay.

Book a library research appointment here!

Your faculty librarian can help you navigate to academic, evidence-based articles on your given essay topic. This will assist in finding ideas to build your argument diagram and base your essay arguments on reliable and relevant research.

Find your librarian       

Book a 45-minute appointment with your faculty librarian - on campus or online.

Book a workshop in Week 11 - Wednesday, 27 March.

In this session you will:

  • Navigate to and find quality information using Bond Library and selected academic databases
  • Find academic research to provide evidence for your arguments
  • Use advanced search techniques in academic databases
  • Evaluate information using the Currency, Relevancy, Authority, Purpose (CRAP) methods
  • Understand why acknowledging information (citing, referencing) to prevent plagiarism is so important


This activity goes towards your Beyond Bond - one of four subjects in the Core Curriculum. After the session please complete the Quizlet and submit to the Beyond Bond team to review.

The academic databases that you have access to as a Bond student.