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Law: primary sources

This guide will assist you in identifying and searching primary sources of law.


Getting started

Explore this guide for recommended starting and access points to understand, research and locate cases, legislation and extrinsic materials.

The books below will help to give you an understanding of the Australian legal system.

Connecting With Law

Connecting With Law introduces students to the foundations of law in a thought provoking way, challenging them to think critically, question ideas and connect with the law.

Introduction to Australian Public Law

Provides an account of contemporary Australian Public Law for students in Australian Law Schools. The book covers current issues such as the recognition of Indigenous Australians as well as key concepts that apply to both the Commonwealth and State jurisdictions such as the rule of law and the separation of powers.

Laying down the law

Provides a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the study of law. Essential foundation topics covered include Australia’s legal system and sources of law while discussion of current issues highlights the context in which our legal system operates and the role and responsibilities of the legal profession.

Statutory Interpretation in Australia

Statutory Interpretation in Australia acts as a guide to some of the practical questions of interpretation of legislation as it arises in Australia today.

Guides of interest

Australian Guide to Legal Citation

This guide will help you understand how to reference in AGLC style.

Internet research for assignments

Tips and strategies for researching on the Internet.

Searching the literature

Resources and tools available for literature searching and reference management software.

Student wellness

Resources, tools and tips related to your health and wellness.