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Mendeley at Bond University

Mendeley is a reference manager, similar to RefWorks and EndNote. Mendeley also has additional social features, acting as an academic social network.

Mendeley is free to use, but has paid plans for users who require more storage space.

Bond University has access to the Mendeley Institutional Edition. Students and staff can access these extra features:

Free Mendeley Mendeley Institutional Edition
2 GB personal storage 100 GB personal storage
100 MB shared library space 100 GB shared library space
Unlimited public groups of up to 25 members each Unlimited public groups of up to 100 members each
5 private groups of up to 25 members each Unlimited private groups of up to 100 members each

Getting access to the Mendeley Institutional Edition features

If you do not have a Mendeley Account, go to to sign up for your free account.

To upgrade to the Institutional Edition, sign in to Mendeley while you are at the Bond University Campus, using a Bond PC.

You will then have the upgraded version on any device. You can check this in your account settings, under 'Subscription'.

If you have trouble upgrading your account to the Institutional Edition, please contact the Library.

After 12 months of no account activity, you may be sent an email advising the institution premium features are no longer available. Current students and staff can sign in again on campus to recover the premium features.


Librarians Daniel Walker (Bond University) and Sarah Howard (Queensland University of Technology) explore the pros, cons, capabilities and features of Mendeley.

Duration: 1 hour.

QULOC. (2019, September 29). QULOC Introduction to Mendeley [Video]. YouTube.

Support for Mendeley

Mendeley training videos cover many of the basic things functions, and are the best way to get started with Mendeley.

Mendeley also provides comprehensive Help Guides which may answer any other questions you have.

Mendeley offer support via their Support Centre.

Bond Library offers support and runs training sessions for RefWorks and Endnote, as our preferred reference management tools. The Library doesn't currently offer full support for using Mendeley, but we will endeavour to assist you if you have an enquiry.

If you are unsure which reference manager may best suit you, please review the reference managers comparison or contact your faculty librarian.


If you are unsure of referencing styles please refer to these guides:

Installing Mendeley desktop

Mendeley has both a web version, and a desktop version.

Bond staff

Install Mendeley Desktop on your work PC via the Company Portal in Windows.

Bond students

Mendeley Desktop can be installed on personal devices from the Mendeley website. Mendeley Desktop can not be installed on Bond student-use computers.