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Read and Publish Agreements

Read & Publish Agreements - A pathway to Open Access

Open Access (OA) publishing is now supported by ‘Read and Publish' (R&P) agreements negotiated by CAUL (Council of Australian University Librarians) on behalf of Australian and New Zealand university libraries.

These agreements between CAUL and nine major publishers enable authors to publish their papers as open access in selected journals without paying separate Article Processing Charges (APCs) as the payment of the APCs is covered by the Library’s online subscription to the journals packages.

The journals covered by Elsevier, Hindawi, Oxford, Sage, Springer, Taylor & Francis and Wiley agreements are hybrid journals as they are part of a subscription package.  Cambridge University covers both Gold and Hybrid journals included in the subscription package.

Journals by CSIRO Publishing are now available under Bond's R&P Agreements. 

All of CSIRO Publishing’s subscription-based journals now offer a hybrid Gold Open Access option, allowing you the choice to publish openly and enjoy all the benefits of open access in a subscription journal. 

To read further information on Gold and Hybrid OA publishing models, see the Publishing page of this guide.

What this means for researchers

Instead of paying article processing fees through a separate University fund, the Library will fund open access publication through its collection subscription fees budget.

If you have an article accepted for publication in a listed journal you may be eligible to publish your article open access at no additional cost.

There is no need to change your publishing practices.  Publish where you would normally publish and, if your article is eligible, you'll be offered the option to publish open access on acceptance by the publisher.

Responsibilities of the Corresponding Author

  • The corresponding author must be a current Bond University staff member or student at the time of acceptance and state this on the submitted paper.
  • The corresponding author should use a Bond University email address. You may need to update your profile with the relevant publisher. Responsible corresponding authors should not use personal email addresses (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail).
  • Make sure that you state Bond University as your primary institutional affiliation.
  • If you are a co-author, you may want to ensure the corresponding author is from a university with Read and Publish (R&P) Agreements in place.
  • After the peer review process and upon acceptance of the paper, the publisher will confirm the details of the R&P Agreement.

Where can you publish?

In 2024 the Library has agreements with the following publishers. Click on a publisher link to be taken to the respective CAUL R&P guide to learn more about each publisher's agreement, caps and further information for authors.

Journals included in the agreement

To find a particular journal in the R&P Agreements list of journal titles go to the search symbol in the top right-hand corner of the Airtable.

To browse by publisher follow these steps:

1. In the Publisher column, select 'Filter by this field' and select any of the above-named publishers


2. + Add condition: From the drop-down list, select 'Included in R&P Agreement', then select 'Yes'.

Publisher information about R&P Agreements

Each publisher has its own particular R&P agreement process that authors will have to navigate their way through.

The following pages may assist in understanding the agreement process of the respective publishers:


The above information has been provided by CAUL and Monash University.