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ORCiD iDs at Bond University

ORCiD is a unique researcher identification number that will distinguish you from other researchers and ensure that your research activities can be easily associated with you (and not someone else with a similar name).

ORCiD is an international, not-for-profit initiative that provides an open registry of persistent unique identifiers for researchers. It's a portable record of your research background and outputs that is increasingly being requested by publishers and funders.

ORCID iDs are integrated with the University's Research Management System 'Pure'. On activating the ORCID link in Pure each researcher's publications' details will automatically be exported to their ORCID profile regularly. 

See the ORCID - Create or Connect Quick Reference Guide on how to set up your ORCID within Pure. (Staff intranet)


Please contact your faculty librarian or the Manager, Scholarly Publications & Copyright with any queries.

ORCiD - One single identifier

ORCiD has the support of some of the world's largest publishers, funders and institutions and is on track to being the single identifier for researchers worldwide. If you have only one identifier it should be an ORCiD  - and it integrates easily with Researcher ID and Scopus. 

As a researcher at Bond University with an ORCID iD you will be joining a growing national and international registry.  Your ORCiD can be embedded into manuscript submissions, grant  applications and research management system workflows for ease of information transfer within and outside of Bond University.

Register for an ORCiD

Registering with ORCiD is easy and free


ORCiD and your research data

The Australian National Data Service has created a short video on how to import your datasets from Research Data Australia into your ORCID profile.

Go to the Sharing Data page in the Research Data Management Toolkit to view the video.

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