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HILDA survey

HILDA Statistical Reports - University of Melbourne

The HILDA survey commenced in 2001 and data is collected annually through interviews with people over 15 years old in each selected household. 

Information regarding sample sizes and response rates for each of the Centre studies.   

  • The HILDA Survey follows the lives of more than 17,000 Australians each year.
  • It collects information on many aspects of life in Australia, including household and family relationships, income and employment, and health and education.
  • Participants are followed over the course of their lifetime.
  • HILDA is the only study of its kind in Australia.
  • Researchers from Australia and overseas may apply to access and use the Survey data.
  • HILDA User manual - how to use the survey data

2019 Hilda Report - released July 2019

Topics include:

  • increased commuting time
  • rising child care costs
  • how Australians are juggling work and family
  • female breadwinner families
  • recent trends in household income and poverty
  • a rise in reports of diagnosed mental health problems

Past Hilda Reports - 2006 - 2018

HILDA Survey Publications - An extensive bibliography of all Australian and international research publications known to use or reference data from the HILDA Survey.

Access to National Centre for Longitudinal Data (NCLD) 

In partnership with the Australian Data Archive (ADA), the NCLD is utilising Dataverse to coordinate approval of data requests, and upon approval, to make General Release data available through no-cost direct downloads.