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Reference management

EndNote software allows you to create your own personal database of references, known as an EndNote library.  Your EndNote library provides a way for you to store and manage the references that you gather in the course of your research.

You can also use EndNote for the following tasks:

  • Create a reference list or bibliography in a chosen referencing style.
  • Add in-text citations to a Word document, in a chosen referencing style.

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Covidence is a web-based software platform that streamlines the production of systematic reviews and other research reviews that require screening citations and full text, assessing risk of bias, or extracting study characteristics and outcomes.
To join the Bond University Covidence account, please sign up using your Bond email address only.

See the Library's Guide to Covidence for more information.

Systematic Review Accelerator

The Systematic Review Accelerator (SRA) provides tools to automate a range of tasks within a Systematic Review, from writing the methods section (Methods Wizard) to forward and backward citation searching (SpiderCite).

All tools are free to use and do not require a login:

  • Word Frequency Analyser to help with the search strategy creation by counting the frequency of words within a list of relevant articles.
  • SearchRefinery to assist in refining the search and improving its precision.
  • Polyglot Search Translator to translate the syntax of a PubMed or MEDLINE (Ovid) search to suit other databases.
  • Deduplicator to speed up the time needed to remove duplicate records. 

The SRA was developed at Bond University's Institute of Evidence-Based Healthcare.

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Systematic reviews