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Physical health

We are lucky here at Bond that we have so many great facilities to help keep us in shape. Why not check out the Sports Centre's group exercise classes? There are plenty of different activities and times to choose from.

Group exercises at Bond

You don't need to be a sports star or a gym hero to stay healthy (hats off to you if you are though!). Even going for a jog or a walk, or doing a yoga class or some mobility exercises will be beneficial.

Not sure where to get started? Check out these quick and easy exercises and routines from Queensland Government's Healthier.Happier website:

Click here for a 28 day exercise plan you can do from home with no equipment, just your own bodyweight, from Myfitnesspal

Physical health is about keeping your body healthy, but don't forget that your body is made up of more than just your muscles and cardiovascular system.

Remember to also:

  • give your eyes plenty of breaks from looking at light and screens
  • stand up and give your legs a stretch. Sitting for hours at a time can cause many pains, aches and long term health problems
  • give your hands and wrists a break from using a keyboard and mouse

A good way to take care of all 3 of the above points is to get up once an hour when studying and go for a quick 5 or 10 minute walk. This will also give your mind a few minutes to relax and regroup.

Not only is exercise great for your physical health, but according to the Queensland Government's Benefits of being active webpage, exercise can also help:

  • improve concentration and learning
  • increase personal confidence and self-awareness
  • reduce feelings of depression and anxiety
  • encourage social interaction
  • enhance self-esteem
  • improve quality of life


It can be hard to maintain nutrition and healthy eating habits during assessment and exam time, but a healthy diet can improve your energy levels, concentration, memory and mood.


Good sleep can improve mental performance, lead to less anxiety and improved mood and energy levels. Sleep is also when your body best repairs and recovers, so don't forget to tuck yourself in and get a good night's sleep as often as you can. 

And please remember that when the Library goes 24/7, that doesn't mean you need to!

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