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Review settings

Invite reviewers

Once the review has been created, Covidence will open to a page within the review's settings where you can invite other reviewers to participate:


If you are inviting a Bond staff member or students, use their Bond email address. 

The status of each invitation can be tracked or rescinded:

Manage team settings

To manage the roles for individual review, use the Team settings page.

By default, anyone invited to the review can perform any tasks. However, you may wish to assign specific tasks to individual reviewers, such as who can resolve conflicts in the title and abstract screening step. 

Preferences can be selected for each stage of the review; Title and abstract screening, Full text review and Extraction.

Click into a section and use the radio buttons at the bottom of the section to select the preferences: 

Manage review settings

Make updates to the review on the Review settings page, such as amending the name and type of review, if needed.

By default, 2 people are required to screen each article in the screening and full text review steps. Changes to the number of reviews for these steps can be made on this page: