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A guide to the best library resources for Medicine at Bond University.

Apps & other downloads

Best Practice

The BMJ Best Practice app is available.

1. Access Best Practice as you normally would via the Library webpages.

2. Create a free personal account.

3. Access your Apple or Google Play store and search for ‘BMJ Best Practice’.

4. Select the app and when prompted, use your BMJ Best Practice ‘personal account’ details to sign in and download the content.


         The UpToDate app is now available to download on two devices

  1. Access UpToDate via the Library  (eg. click the icon to the left)
  2. Register for an account
  3. Install the UpToDate app from the App Store or Google Play on your device
  4. Login with the username and password you created in step 2

Therapeutic Guidelines eTG complete

The eTG app is available.

1. To request a token, go to the ‘Request a token’ page via this link.

2. Register, using your Bond email address.

3. You will receive the token, displayed on the screen and also via email.

4. Install the eTG Complete app from the App Store or Google Play.

5. Choose ‘Institutional user login’ from the two options on the app screen

6. Login using your email and token

The eTG complete app content can be fully downloaded to your device for offline use. To do this click on the Cloud icon on the top banner of the app front page. Your app access will need to be renewed annually, by obtaining a new token.

DynaMed Plus

Dynamed Plus

The DynaMed Plus app is available.

1. Access DynaMed via the Library (eg. click the icon to the left)

2. Create a personal login

3. Install the DynaMed Plus app from the App Store or Google Play.

4. Use your personal login to get full access.

5. To download the content for offline use, go to User Settings and change Storage Option to Full Install

Merck Manual

A longstanding medical textbook, the Merck Manual is now available free online in both professional and consumer versions. Note that Merck is a pharmaceutical company, but is required to adopt practices to ensure there is no bias toward their products in the Manuals.

The app versions of the Merck Manual are free for Android and Apple.  



  Many of the ebooks available at Bond can be downloaded for offline use on phones or tablets. Ebooks that you find by searching Library Search will be available a number of different platforms - when you find an ebook follow the instructions on how to download.

Proquest Ebook Central

If the ebook you want is on this platform, you'll see the Download options on the book's landing page:

Click to Download, then follow the instructions.
Not all of the ebooks are available to download. You can generally download a section of the book as a pdf though.

AMH and MIMs

There is currently no app available for AMH. Bond does not currently have access to the app version of MIMs.