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Theses and video resources

Bond student theses

Bond minor theses exemplars are now accessed electronically through the 4th Year Psychology Community iLearn site. The Library no longer holds physical copies.

Finding theses

What is grey literature?

Grey literature covers sources outside the "traditional" publication process and are published informally or non-commercially. They can include:-

  • research and government reports
  • conferences papers and proceedings
  • theses
  • patents
  • statistics

Finding theses in Library Search

Dissertations & Theses Full Text citations (ProQuest) are included in Library Search results, along with theses held in other libraries or from other sources.

Theses and dissertations will usually show with a content type icon like this:Document with mortar board icon

There are two features in Library Search to help locate theses and dissertations.

Pre-search filter

Before commencing your search, select the Theses prefilter underneath the search box.

Screenshot of library search with the prefilter options outlined with a yellow box


Content Type filter


Screenshot showing the Content Type options with Theses selectedAfter your search results appear, use the "Content Type" options to refine your search results to show only theses. 



Video resources

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