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Library Services

Faculty librarians are available to consult with staff and candidates about library services and information resources to support their research and supervision.

Contact your faculty librarian for a chat, or to arrange a tour of the library, or a formal consultation to help you benefit from the services and resources relevant to your supervisory role. We can also help with hands-on workshops on topics such as:

  • designing effective search strategies
  • citation management software
  • referencing

Your faculty librarian can also provide advice on literature searches, identifying obscure information scources and staying up-to-date. Visit the Services for Research page on the library website for more research-related services.

Get help from your faculty librarian

Library staff can help you search for literature, choosing relevant sources, setting up search alerts, referencing and managing your citations.

You can call or send them an email, or make an appointment for a one-on-one consultation.


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