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Writing and submitting a thesis

Use this guide to find resources to help in the writing process. This guide also includes guidelines for the submission of your thesis.

Submitting a thesis

Submitting a digital copy of your thesis

Higher Degree and Masters theses are available on the University's Open Access Research Portal.


There are many advantages for digitised access to Bond University higher degree theses including:

  • Improved access to full-text of theses by the students and staff of the University anywhere, anytime
  • Maximum use of higher degree theses as an information resource to support teaching, learning and research activities of the University Community
  • Promotion of research output of the higher degree graduates of the University, nationally and internationally
  • Enhanced preservation of higher degree theses by ensuring they are archived in electronic format
  • Enhanced access to and use of multimedia created as part of higher degree thesis
  • Promotion of Bond University graduates by ensuring maximum exposure to their research

Students own the copyright in their thesis but must obtain permission to use any third party copyright material included in the thesis so that the final thesis is copyright compliant upon submission to the Library. 

University Regulations

The following requirements apply to Bond research higher degree students (i.e. Doctoral or Masters by research) under the University Award Regulations:

Part 91 Thesis Submission* 

(3) Prior to commencing the Examination process, the candidate must submit:

(a) A declaration of originality.

(b) An examination copy of the thesis to Library Services to check formatting and copyright compliance. Any irregularities will be reported to the supervisors and returned to the candidate for correction prior to submission to examiners.

(c) A structured deposit of data, including materials and methods, corresponding to the Examination copy of the thesis in accordance with the Research Data Management and Sharing Policy (TLR 5.12).

*Check the Award Regulations for the full list of requirements.

Copyright checks and depositing your thesis with the Library

Bond University higher degree theses are placed into the University's open access repository, Pure, and are fully searchable via Library Search, Trove (National Library of Australia) and through web search engines, giving you maximum visibility for your research.

  • Bond theses only, by Doctoral or Masters [by research] will be accepted by the Library. Your thesis must have been officially awarded by Bond University before submission.
  • The author retains copyright and intellectual property rights over their original work.
Use the Copyright for Researchers Toolkit to keep track of copyright material use, requests for copyright permission, and permissions received.

PhD by Published Work

If the copyright of a publication has been, or will be, assigned or transferred to a publisher permission must be sought to reproduce the work in the thesis and allow for a digital copy of the final published version to be made available in the theses collection of the University's Open Access Research Portal.

Publisher permission for the reproduction of copyright works, e.g. articles, graphics, surveys, can take different routes.

The permission letter template in the Copyright for Researchers Toolkit (above) can be used in many cases, however some publishers direct permission requests through to the Copyright Clearance Centre based in the USA, whilst other publishers have their own online permission request form. This information is often found on the same page as the published article, or on the journal website.

Refer to the HDR Handbook for important detailed information on the treatment of published works in a thesis.

The Manager, Scholarly Publications & Copyright can assist with the copyright permissions process and general copyright queries.

Format tips:

If the published version of an article is to be included in the thesis the publisher's permission statement must appear before the article. 

Citation example: 

Author, Title, Journal Title, Volume/Issue, DOI, Copyright ©, [year], Link to the published article on the publisher's website.
Reproduced with permission from [Publisher].

Copyright permission letters received from publishers should not be reproduced in the thesis itself.

CC licence information for Theses deposit 

A copyright compliant Thesis can carry a Creative Commons (CC) Licence under Bond University’s Open Access Policy

Applying a CC licence to a thesis is beneficial in protecting the work in an Open Access environment as it clearly specifies the permitted re-use of the work.   

The recommended CC licence to attach to a thesis is the Attribution Non Commercial-No Derivatives Licence 4.0 (CC BY NC-ND). 

Terms of Use: Anyone using the CC BY NC-ND licensed work must attribute the work to the original creator. The licence allows copying and distribution of the original work. The material may not be used for commercial purposes and no adaptations or modified versions of the work may be distributed.

  • NC means that the licensor reserves the right to exploit the material commercially. 

  • The intent and purpose of the ND restriction is to protect the integrity of the work. The right to modify the work is reserved by the author. 

Important note: Once a CC licence is attached to a work, such as a thesis, the licence cannot be revoked. 

Submission forms and instructions

As of 21 September 2020 new online forms will be active in the Workflow Portal. If you are currently in the pre-examination stage you will be introduced to the new forms as required throughout your candidature.

If you are currently in the post-examination stage of your thesis you may use the forms below.

A signed copy of the Theses Copyright Statement and Deposit Form and Candidate's instructions regarding the availability of the thesis together with a file of all copyright permissions must be submitted with the electronic copy of your thesis. These forms, file of copyright permissions and the electronic copy of the thesis will be submitted to the Library on your behalf by the Faculty Research Development Manager. Print copies of Bond theses are no longer required to be submitted as of 23 March 2017.

Theses submission tips:

Students must submit a separate file of copyright permissions for the reproduction of published articles and other third party copyright material that is included in their thesis to the Library. 


The thesis must be submitted in PDF format. Adobe Distiller software converts documents in other formats (e.g. Word or Excel) to PDF (Portable Document Format). Online PDF conversion services are available eg. Create Adobe PDF online or Doc2PDF Online

The author should clearly indicate if all or part of the theses is restricted, and the time frames that the restrictions should apply.

The Bond HDR Handbook contains detailed information on how your thesis should be formatted and submitted.

Copyright and Intellectual Property

If a student intends to commercialise their research, make an appointment with Andrew Calder, Director of Research, to discuss commercialisation and intellectual property issues.


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