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Writing and submitting a thesis

Use this guide to find resources to help in the writing process. This guide also includes guidelines for the submission of your thesis.

Writing your thesis

General titles

Thesis writing will vary from discipline to discipline, and talking with your supervisors is the best way to plan and structure your thesis.

The rules governing thesis content, language and word limits are contained in Part 1 - Bond University Award Regulations while formatting and how to address all the Table of Contents headings required for theses is provided in detail in the HDR Handbook.

You may also find the following links useful to search the library collection for:

HDR Handbook

Check the Bond HDR Handbook (pdf available below) for detailed information on: 

  • Copyright
  • Formatting
  • Data management
  • Intellectual property
  • Inclusion of publications 
  • Plagiarism

The HDR Community site in iLearn contains a copy of the HDR Handbook along with a number of helpful guides and resources.

Go to > iLearn > HDR Student Community > HDR Handbook and Award Regulations.

Authorship and publications included in a thesis

A thesis may include one or a series of papers that have been prepared, submitted, or accepted for publication in a book or journal.

The student should normally be the principal author (that is, responsible for the intellectual content and most of the writing of the text) of any work included in the body of the thesis. Where any work has been jointly authored, a signature from the corresponding author is required to include the material in the body of the thesis. Co-authored work in which the student is a minor author (l50% or less contribution) can only be used and referenced in the way common to any other research publication cited in the thesis.

When submitting your thesis, you will be required to confirm that:

(a) the work in the incorporated publications is your own, and
(b) your co-authors verify this and give permission for the nominated article to be included in the thesis.

See the Part 1 - Bond University Award Regulations for further information about primary authorship.


The Bond University Authorship Agreement Form 

The Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research provides clear guidelines regarding the attribution of authorship. The Authorship Agreement Form is to assist Researchers in capturing authorship decisions around intended publications arising from joint work. It does not replace copyright or certification forms required by publishers.

Use this form to reflect all discussions, and to plan and record the authorship of research outputs with contributors.

Refer to the NHMRC and ARC guide on Authorship and access the Authorship Agreement Form below:

Web resources

Discipline-specific books