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How to find books/ebooks

You can search for all of the Library's books and e-books using Library Search (the search box is also on the Library homepage).

You can search for a particular book:

Adding in an author's name can help you find the book you want:

Or you can search for books on a particular subject:

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Browsing for books

If you'd like to browse the shelves, most of the books for the Biomedical Sciences will be on level 4 of the Main Library. These sections will be most relevant for you:

Location Subject Location Subject
QD1-999 Chemistry QR75-99.5 Bacteria
QD415-436 Biochemistry QR100-130 Microbial ecology
QH426-470 Genetics QR171 Microorganisms in the animal body
QH471-489 Reproduction QR180-189.5 Immunology
QH573-671 Cytology QR355-502 Virology
QM1-695 Human anatomy RB1-214 Pathology
QP1-981 Physiology RS1-441 Pharmacy and materia medica
QR1-502 Microbiology    


Biomedical sciences