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Law: secondary sources

This guide will assist you in identifying and searching secondary sources of law.

Journals and journal articles

Electronic resources

Other than Library Search, you may want to look into the following databases for law related journals and articles:

Although Library Search will show you which journals the library has access to, and which database/s these journals are located in, many law journals are NOT searchable in Library Search at an article level. To locate articles in journals that are located in AustLII, LexisNexis AU, Quicklaw and the Westlaw databases, you will need to go into the individual database and search for the article in there.

Journal Search

Explore the journals available through Bond University Library. Search for journals by title or international standard serial number (ISSN).

Search for Journals Now


Library Search screenshot

LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad is a browser extension which allows instant PDF download of articles from hundreds of scholarly sites, as well as Wikipedia.

Once the LibKey Nomad extension is installed it will automatically search for PDF access from library subscribed electronic resources and Open Access content from Unpaywall. The Download PDF button will appear next to article citations or if full text isn't available an Access Options button will appear which will allow you to place a Document Delivery request for the item.

Use the link below to install the browser extension. After installation, open the extension and choose Bond University from the list of institutions to ensure you get full-text access.


Use the following resources to find the name of a journal from an abbreviation: