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How to find books/ebooks

You can search for all of the Library's books and e-books using Library Search (the search box is also on the Library homepage).

You can search for a particular book:

Screenshot of a search for "human anatomy" in Library Search

Adding in an author's name can help you find the book you want:

Screenshot of a search for "human anatomy" marieb in Library Search

Or you can search for books on a particular subject:

Screenshot of a search for anatomy in Library Search

Search Library Search now for books and ebooks

Library Search 


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Browsing for books

If you'd like to browse the shelves, most of the books for Physiotherapy will be on level 4 of the Main Library. These sections will be most relevant for you:

Location Subject
QM Human anatomy
QP Physiology
R Medicine (general)
RD792-811 Physical rehabilitation
RM695-893 Physical medicine. Physical therapy
RM735 Occupational therapy
RM930-931 Rehabilitation therapy
RM950 Rehabilitation technology