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AI tools

Artificial Intelligence tools

Note about Artificial Intelligence tools

Please check with your teacher whether you can use Artificial Intelligence tools in your work.  Students who are using artificial intelligence tools need to clearly acknowledge how you used AI in your reference list or bibliography.

For more information, see the Library FAQs on artificial intelligence and the university's Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) webpage.

Australian Harvard style is based on the Australian Government Style Manual (AGSM). Like many referencing styles, there are currently no specific guidelines for citing generative AI. The library recommends following the similar APA 7th reference 'Author/Date' style for generative AI content for personal communication or a nonrecoverable source - information which is not retrievable. 

In-text citation Format:

(Communicator, personal communication, Day Month Year)

In-text citation Example:

(OpenAI's ChatGPT AI language model, personal communication, 30 March 2023)

Reference list

Author of AI model used. (Year of AI model used). Name of AI model used (Version of AI model used) [Type or description of AI model used]. Web address of AI model used


OpenAI. (2023)ChatGPT (March 30 version) [Large language model].


Acknowledging an Image:

For images and other non-text generated objects it is recommended that you acknowledge the use of the AI tool as a caption under the image you have created. Images do not require to be added to the reference list.


Image generated by Craiyon AI tool, March 15, 2023. Prompt: a pig searching a library catalog in the style of Banksy.

See our library FAQ How do I cite and reference non-textual outputs generated by AI tools? for other generative outputs.


For further guidance visit other university referencing links and refresh you knowledge on a regular basis.

James Cook University. (n.d.). Using Artificial Intelligence.

The University of Queensland. (n.d.). Artificial Intelligence.


As of 26 April 2023 AGSM have not confirmed a citation format for nonrecoverable material such as ChatGPT.