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Harvard (Aus) style or Style Manual

There is no definitive version of the 'Harvard style'; the term 'Harvard Style' can refer to any referencing style which uses an author-date format for its in-text citations. For example, the APA and Chicago styles can be considered versions of the 'Harvard style'. 

You may come across many 'Harvard' style guides, each of which is slightly different. This is because different organisations or bodies have adapted the basic author-date system for their own needs, and retained the name Harvard. 

This referencing guide is based on the author-date system outlined in the Australian Government Style Manual 2020 (7th edition). 

Style Manual is for everyone who writes, edits, or approves Australian Government content. Use it to create clear and consistent content that meets the needs of users.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

Use culturally appropriate and respectful language when writing with, for or about First Nations Australians.

Referencing tools

EndNote and Refworks help you manage the references you find during your research. Both tools have the following features:

  • Manually add references
  • Import references from library databases
  • Create bibliographies and reference lists in your chosen style
  • Create in-text citations in your chosen style

× Keep an eye out for our Pop Up Referencing help throughout the semester, or make an appointment for further assistance.

Harvard (Aus) referencing