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Research data management toolkit

This guide is designed as an introduction to research data and the management of data for the research community at Bond University.



This guide is designed as an introduction to research data and the management of data for the research community at Bond University.

Data management is an essential part of research today. Almost every researcher manages various forms of data. Data management includes activities such as backups, collaborative work, data storage and retention. Managing your data professionally allows you to work more efficiently, produce higher quality data, achieve greater exposure for your research and protects your data from misuse or loss. Raising awareness of good practice for data management starts with planning.

Research data is increasingly being recognised as a valuable asset and a valid research output. Some journals, particularly in the sciences are starting to require that data be made available to support the research conclusions. Sharing of data is being required as a condition of some research funding and this is likely to increase.

Bond University's Office of Research and the Library are developing resources to help researchers manage their data. If you do not find what you are looking for here, please contact

What is research data?
Research data could be anything that may be needed to validate the results of research. Not only is it the product of research, it could also be the starting point for new research.

Research data could include images, sound/video recordings, artefacts, surveys, questionnaires, interview transcripts, statistical data and analyses, measurements, fieldwork notes.

Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC)

The Function of the Australian Research Data Commons is to:

  • make Australian research data collections more valuable by managing, connecting, enabling discovery and supporting the reuse of this data;
  • enable the creation of richer and more accountable research; and
  • allow the efficient use of research data.

Research Data Australia is managed by ARDC and contains many thousands of research datasets and resources from Australian research institutions which fosters collaboration and better use of Australia's research outputs.


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