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Research data management toolkit

This guide is designed as an introduction to research data and the management of data for the research community at Bond University.

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New SPARC Open Data Resource for Research Funders - By Greg Tananbaum

British Library leads the way for sharing research data in the UK as five major institutions sign up to DataCite.


Structured Search for Big Data

The WWW era made billions of people dramatically dependent on the progress of data technologies, out of which Internet search and Big Data are arguably the most notable. Structured Search paradigm connects them via a fundamental concept of key-objects evolving out of keywords as the units of search. The key-object data model and KeySQL revamp the data independence principle making it applicable for Big Data and complement NoSQL with full-blown structured querying functionality. The ultimate goal is extracting Big Information from the Big Data.

Qualitative Methodologies and Data Collection Methods: Toward Increased Rigour in Management Research

Globalisation opens new frontiers of research that require advanced research methods. While quantitative methods are ideal in some situations, qualitative methods are more appropriate for responding to "how" questions in new contexts.


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