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Research data management toolkit

This guide is designed as an introduction to research data and the management of data for the research community at Bond University.

Managing data

Data Management Plans

A thorough knowledge of Research Data Management and sharing requirements is essential for the modern academic and HDR student. 

Planning at the start of a new research project, or thesis, will save time and resources. The Bond University online Research Data Management Plan available below will assist you with your research data planning.

What is a data management plan?
A data management plan (DMP) is a living document that describes what data will be created, what policies will apply to the data, who will own and have access to the data, what data management practices will be used, what facilities and equipment will be required, and who will be responsible for each of these activities.  Aspects of a DMP may change over time and subsequent versions will reflect current information to keep all stakeholders up to date.

Researcher responsibilities are outlined in the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research, 2018 and the new Management of Data and Information in Research. See the Policies and ethics page for further details

What does a data management plan contain? Generally a data management plan will contain details about how the following aspects will be managed:

  • The type of data to be generated or collected during the research project
  • The ownership, copyright and intellectual property in relation to the data
  • The storage of digital data
  • Confidentiality and privacy requirements in relation to the data
  • Consents required from participants for future use of the data
  • File formats
  • Volume of data
  • Retention period for the data
  • Post-project storage, access and re-use of the data

Your Research Data Management Plan

HDR students are required to commence and regularly update their DMP throughout their PhD journey. Students may like to consult the Research Data Planning Checklist for HDR Students below for further information on each aspect of RDM planning before beginning.  

All Bond researchers are encouraged to have a DMP in place at the commencement of a project.

Start a new Research Data Management Plan

You will receive an email with a link to your plan and subsequent versions as it is updated over time.

Research Services now requires a final data set and Research Data Management Plan for all PhD completions.

Go to your RDMP where you will see the following completion question on the form.  If you are preparing a final plan select ‘Yes’ and this will alert Research Services to archive your plan.

Once completed you can then ‘Submit’ your plan and convert it to a PDF.  Add this PDF to your file of documents that accompany your thesis.

See further information in the guide tabs and FAQs

Benefits of data planning

Effective management of data provides researchers with many benefits, including:

  • time saved through reduced duplication of effort
  • decreased risk of loss, theft or inappropriate use of data
  • good research practice ensures the integrity and quality of data
  • data can be understood and used now and in the future
  • increased researcher profile through data dissemination and re-use.

Managing research data

This Piers Video Production documentary, Digital Curation Centre: Managing Research Data, offers an insight into the importance of providing access to research data and the risks of not managing data effectively.

Are you planning to run a survey?

Qualtrics is the supported survey platform at Bond University.

The university's Qualtrics site licence enables all staff and students to create an account using their Bond email address to produce and distribute online surveys. 

Important Note:  All members of the Bond University community must obtain appropriate ethics approval for research with or about people or their data.  Students must consult their Supervisor, Lecturer or their Research Ethics Manager for advice on the appropriate approvals needed prior to distributing a survey.

Information on using Qualtrics can be found here.

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