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Resource list – guide for students

Keep up to date with the resources your teacher has assigned for your class.

Save citations to personal collection

Each student has their own Collection, where they can add resources. Collections are private to each person.

You can add resources from the library, Internet or your subject's Resource list into your Collection.

HOW TO: Save citations to your personal collection

Did you know that your collection in Resource Lists is the same as "My Collection" in Library Search?

This means there are two ways to add library resources.

1. In Library Search when viewing search results

  • Pin this record iconPin the record to save it to your collection 

2. From the Resource List:

  • Click Collection from the right-hand navigation.
  • Click the Add Resource button 
  • Choose Library Search, type your keywords and choose 
  • Select the resource you want to add
  • Click 

Use the Cite It! button to add things you find online. To get the Cite It! button:

  • Click your name/user at the top right of the reading list
  • Click Cite It!
  • Drag the CITE IT! button into your browsers bookmarks bar*

When you find something online you'd like to add to your Collection, for example, a report or a YouTube video:

  • Click the Cite It! button
  • Fill in any missing details from the pop-up window
  • Click ADD

* The button works best with the browsers Chrome and Firefox.

  • Click  at the top right of the citation
  • Select Copy to my collection
  • Click Collection from the top left menu.
  • Click the Add Resource button 
  • Click Create
  • Fill in as many details as you have and upload the file
  • Click 

Once you've saved citations to your collection, you can keep them organised with tags. Since the collection area is private to you, you may create as many of your own tags as you like. 

To add tags to a citation:

  • Click Add tags to collection in the citation you wish to tag
  • Select tags you've previously created OR
  • Create a new tag by typing it in
  • Click Save

Once your citations have tags, you can filter your list to view citations with particular tags:

  • Click the filter button at the top right of the list 
  • Select the tag