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General style notes

Journal titles

Abbreviate journal names, e.g. Current Journal of Neurology becomes Curr J Neurol.

Abbreviations are available from PubMed's Journal Catalogue.

For journals not listed in PubMed, see the CAS Source Index.

 EndNote allows you to import the correct abbreviations for journal titles, by importing 'journal terms lists.' See the Bond Library’s Guide to EndNote for the steps.


A DOI (Digital Object Identifier) is a unique number assigned to electronic information sources and provides a persistent link to the source. Include the DOI where available. All DOIs start with '10.', e.g. 10.1161/01.hyp.0000035706.28494.09. 

Authors' names

Within the reference list, put the authors surnames first, followed by up to two initials, without full stops or spaces. Multiple authors names are separated by commas. Do not use ‘and’ between authors.

1 author Brown JA.
2-6 authors Brown JA, Smith KJ, Jones B, Troy GS, Westman JF, Doe JP.
7 or more authors Brown JA, Smith KJ, Jones B, et al.
Group author Australian Bureau of Statistics.
Author/s + group author Brown JA; Australian Bureau of Statistics.