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You will not always need to include a bibliography with your assignment. Please check your assignment instructions or check with your subject coordinator if you are unsure whether a bibliography is required.


  • A bibliography appears at the end of a document and lists all sources relied upon (not just those referred to in text and in footnotes)
  • Do not include pinpoint references in a bibliography (Note that the starting page of some sources, such as journal articles and reported cases, forms part of the citation and is separate from the pinpoint)
  • Do not place a full stop at the end of a citation
  • In a bibliography, the author's surname comes before their first name, separated by a comma (if a source has more than one author, only the first author is listed as surname first)
  • Arrange the sources of each section in alphabetical order according to:
    • Case name or legislation title
    • The first listed author's surname
    • The name of the institution (excluding the word 'the')
    • Where there is no author, the first word of the title (excluding the word 'the')
  • A bibliography may be divided into the sections as shown below (you may change/remove/add other categories or subdivisions as relevant/needed):

A  Articles/Books/Reports





Example bibliography


A  Articles/Books/Reports

Bedford, Narelle and Monica Taylor, 'Model No More: Querulent Behaviour, Vexatious Litigants and the Vexatious Proceedings Act 2005 (Qld)' (2014) 24(1) Journal of Judicial Administration 46

Boulle, Laurence and Rachael Field, Mediation in Australia (LexisNexis Buttersworths, 2018)

Haas, Ulrich and Deborah Healey (eds), Doping in Sport and the Law (Hart, 2016)

James, Nickolas et al, Business and Company Law (Wiley, 2nd ed, 2019)

Kenny, Paul, Michael Blissenden and Sylvia Villios, 'Wine Options of Australian Tax Reform' (2017) 15(1) eJournal of Tax Research 22

Kirby, Michael, 'Judicial Independence and Accountability: An Asia-Pacific Perspective' [2009] (1) LAWASIA Journal 1

OECD, The Future of Education and Skills: Education 2030 (Report, 2018)

Ong, Denis, Trusts Law in Australia (Federation Press, 5th ed, 2018)

Svantesson, Dan Jerker B and William Van Caenegem, 'Is it Time for an Offence of "Dishonest Algorithmic Manipulation for Electoral Gain"?' (2017) 42(3) Alternative Law Journal 184

Vivian, Alison et al, 'Indigenous Self-Government in the Australian Federation' (2017) 20(1) Australian Indigenous Law Review 215

B  Cases

AAT Case 7422 (1991) 22 ATR 3450

Blundell v Queensland Building and Construction Commission [2018] QSC 58

Brown v Tasmania (2017) 261 CLR 328

Moroccanoil Israel Ltd v Aldi Foods Pty Ltd (2017) AIPC ¶92-533

Morris v Morris [1982] 1 NSWLR 61

Palmer v Ayres [2017] HCA 5

R v Schelvis (2016) 263 A Crim R 1

R v Visconti [1982] 2 NSWLR 104

Re Nguyen and Migration Agents Registration Authority [2012] AATA 925

Ross v Chambers (Supreme Court of the Northern Territory, Kriewaldt J, 5 April 1956)

Waddy v Rabba [1982] Qd R 20

C  Legislation

Australian Constitution

Constitution of Queensland 2001 (Qld)

Family Law Act 1975 (Cth)

High Court Rules 2004 (Cth)

Refugee Protection Bill 2018 (Cth)

Right to Information Act 2009 (Qld)

Right to Information Bill 2009 (Qld)

Right to Information Regulation 2009 (Qld)

Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999 (Qld)

D  Other

CCH Australia, Australian Family Law and Practice Premium Commentary (online at 28 February 2019)

Crowe, Jonathan and Zali Brookes, 'How Do We Think About Lolita? Difference, Alterity and Animal Liberation' (Speech, Australasian Society of Legal Philosophy Annual Conference, 6–8 July 2018)

Explanatory Memorandum, Freedom to Marry Bill 2016 (Cth)

Explanatory Notes, Right to Information Bill 2009 (Qld)

Jackson, Melanie and Daniel Walker, 'Boolean Guess Who? Using Gamification to Engage First Year Law Students with Advanced Legal Research Techniques', Centre for Professional Legal Education (Blog Post, 3 December 2022) <>

LexisNexis, Halsbury's Laws of Australia (online at 27 February 2019) 10 Administrative Law

Australian Guide to Legal Citation