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Australian Guide to Legal Citation

This guide will help you understand how to reference in the AGLC style


Getting started

Bond University Faculty of Law has set the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (‘AGLC’) as the citation style for most assignments and research papers.

The AGLC prescribes rules for citing Australian, foreign and international legal and non-legal sources.


How to use this library research guide

This guide is a supplementary resource only, to be used in conjunction with the full AGLC 4th edition.

Information about the scope of the 4th edition of the AGLC, including major changes between the 3rd and 4th editions, can be found here:

It is strongly recommended to look through at least 'Chapter 1: General Rules' of the full AGLC to gain an understanding of the general principles and conventions before beginning referencing for your assignments.

 'See' notes throughout this guide direct you to the appropriate part, chapter, rule or page in the full AGLC.

Access the full AGLC

You can purchase your own copy of the AGLC from the Bond University Bookshop or buy online from the Melbourne University Law Review Association