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Australian Guide to Legal Citation

This guide will help you to understand how to reference in the AGLC 3 style.


Getting started

The Law Faculty has set the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (AGLC), as the reference style for most assignments and research papers (check your subject or assessment outlines).

The AGLC prescribes rules for citing Australian and international legal material as well as non-legal material.


How to use this library research guide

This guide is derived from the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (2010) 3rd edition, and is intended to be used as a supplementary resource. Click on the 'See' links throughout this guide to go to the rule in the full AGLC and to see examples.

Further help

Borrow the AGLC from the Law Library:

Reference management tools can help you collect, store and organise your references. You will still need to know how to reference in AGLC style yourself though.

Check out the library research guides for more information, or 'Book a Librarian' for extra help and advice.

Refworks - Recommended for any law students and staff. Familiarity with the AGLC style is still required.

RefWorks is a cloud-based reference manager that keeps all your readings and citations in the one place. With RefWorks you can automatically create your bibliographies or reference lists.

Refworks does have AGLC as a style option but some extra formatting is usually required.

Endnote - Recommended for postgraduate students and staff. Familiarity with the AGLC style is still required.

EndNote software provides a way for you to store and manage the references that you gather in the course of your research. You can use EndNote to create a reference list or bibliography in a chosen referencing style, add in-text citations while writing in Word in a chosen referencing style.

Endnote doesn't have AGLC as a style option but you can download the style separately. See the guide for further details.

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