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Getting started

Bond University Faculty of Law has set the Australian Guide to Legal Citation (‘AGLC’) as the citation style for most assignments and research papers. Please check with your subject coordinator if you are unsure which citation/referencing style you should use for any of your subjects.

The AGLC prescribes rules for citing Australian, foreign and international legal and non-legal sources.

AGLC Workshop Materials

How to use this library research guide

This guide is a supplementary resource to be used in conjunction with the full AGLC 4th edition.

'See' notes throughout this guide direct you to the appropriate part, chapter, rule or page in the full AGLC.

Clicking on a 'See' note should take you to that rule in the full AGLC (depending on your browser and settings).

If you are new to the AGLC, looking through at least the table of contents and 'Chapter 1: General Rules' of the full AGLC is strongly recommended to understand the general principles and conventions before beginning referencing for your assignments. 


You are responsible for your own citations. It is up to you to ensure your citations are accurate and follow the rules of the AGLC.

Access the full AGLC

You can purchase your own copy of the AGLC from the Melbourne University Law Review Association

Support materials

Australian Guide to Legal Citation