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Copyright for Staff

A guide to assist Bond University staff maximise the creation and use of print, online and audiovisual materials while meeting copyright obligations.

Recording lectures

Recording lectures for Mediasite

There are different provisions under the Act for live streaming of lectures and for making a recording for viewing at a later date. Viewing live streaming is permissible under the classroom provisions. However, if the lecture is to be recorded limits on the amount that can be copied under the statutory licence must be observed.  Copyright subsists in the screenplay, photography and music of films and videos.

In particular, it is important to include a complete reference to the works being used and include the Warning Notice at the beginning of the lecture.

Lectures containing commercial DVD excerpts

As an educational institution, Bond University has very limited rights to copy AV material.

NoteCommercially produced DVDs can be shown in class but they must not be included in a recorded lecture. The copyright owner's permission is required to copy and communicate commercially produced DVDs. The recording must be paused whilst playing DVD material.

Lectures with streamed Youtube or Vimeo videos

YouTube videos cannot be captured in lecture recordings for Mediasite. The recording must be paused whilst playing YouTube material.

An alternative is to place a link to the Youtube or Vimeo selection in iLearn.

Lectures containing free to air broadcasts from TV or radio

Under the statutory licence provisions in s113P of the Copyright Act, off-air recordings can be made solely for the educational purposes of the University from TV, radio and cable or satellite TV, including free to air Podcasts and Vodcasts that originate as broadcasts.

There is no restriction on the type of program that may be copied, the amount that can be copied or the number of copies that may be made, if the copies are made from free-to-air broadcast radio and television.

  • Programs may be copied off-air even if the program is available for purchase commercially.
  • Whole programs may be copied, or any part of a broadcast, including advertisments.
  • Copies of the program can be reproduced, distributed and communicated to students with warning notices as appropriate

Using the recordings

  • The recordings can be shown in lectures and captured in MediaSite.
  • The recordings can be distributed to or communicated to students
  • Digital recordings must carry a Warning Notice

Lectures containing images and diagrams

Ensure the Warning Notice is displayed at the beginning of the lecture or as the first slide in your PowerPoint presentation.

Ensure the work being used is referenced correctly.

Ensure the limits on copying under the statutory licence are applied.