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Copyright for staff

A guide to assist Bond University staff maximise the creation and use of print, online and audiovisual materials while meeting copyright obligations. Scroll down the page menu on the right-hand side of the guide.

Subject resources guidelines

Easy guidelines for providing digital resources to your students

Educators can now easily create digital Resource Lists in iLearn.  The vast wealth of digital resources available through the Library Services system and material in databases and copyright compliant internet sites can be selected and seamlessly displayed as a list in iLearn for easy access for educators and students. 
The Library has developed a guide for educators that covers all the steps for creating and managing a Resource List.

Digitisation of hard copy resources

Is the article/book chapter available in hard copy only?    

Add the citation details into your Resource List and tag with "Scan for e-Reserve". The Resource List - Guide for educators includes a video on how to do this.

The Library will do all the necessary copyright compliance checks, digitise the material and update the citation in the resource list with the link.

If you are not yet using the new Resource Lists service, you can send the publication details to

Following the above procedures gives students easy access to your subject material as they can read online, print or download it for their personal research, or study under the Fair Dealing section of the Copyright Act.   

 Uploading whole copyright documents (PDFs and other file types) into iLearn is not compliant. Contact your Faculty Librarian for assistance to make digital resources available to your students.

Copyright preparation for hardcopy course readers/workbooks/manuals

Copyright limits

Under the Educational Institutions - Statutory Licence provisions of the Copyright Act 1968 and Bond University’s CA licence for print and graphic material the following limits apply:

  • 10% or one chapter of a literary text, or dramatic work;
  • One article from a journal (or more than one article if they relate to the same subject matter);
  • All of a literary, or dramatic work (up to 15 pages) from an anthology, which includes conference proceedings and published editions of collected works.

Artistic works, including graphs and tables, from books and websites must be clearly cited and included in a reference list. 

Please note that some subscription electronic databases will not allow digital, or print course pack copying.

Place a Copyright Notice on the cover

Once the material for workbook has been collated, the course reader/manual/workbook requires a Cover page which must include the following information:

  • The name of the Faculty
  • The subject name and number
  • The subject instructor's name
  • A description of the purpose for which the materials are made (eg. Tutorial Readings, Semester 3, 2018), and
  • A Copyright Notice, provided in a text box as shown below, should be on the front cover:    



Some of the material in this manual/reader/workbook has been made available in accordance with section 113P of the Copyright Act 1968 (Act) for the teaching purposes of the University.

For use only by students of Bond University enrolled in the subject:

<example> BMED12-119 Biological and Physical Chemistry

There should be an Acknowledgements/References page at the beginning of the reader/manual/workbook listing all copyright material used including images. References should include:

  • Name of author
  • Titlle
  • Publisher (if known)
  • Number of pages copied
  • Link to the original source

See the attached Acknowledgements page example at the end of this guide.

Library copyright check

The last step is a copyright check by Library Services before the order is placed with the Print Shop. This step ensures that the University is providing copyright compliant material to our students and the printed product meet the provisions of the University's Copyright Policy.

Send the completed reader/lab manual/workbook to the Manager, Scholarly Publications & Copyright for copyright checking.


You will receive prompt feedback so your order can be placed with the Print Shop in good time for the start of classes each semester.

Please note any charges for the reader/manual/workbook must be based on a legitimate cost-recovery basis. There cannot be any element of profit when calculating charges to students. This point does not apply if the printed material is being provided free of charge to the students by the Faculty.