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Copyright for staff

A guide to assist Bond University staff maximise the creation and use of print, online and audiovisual materials while meeting copyright obligations. Scroll down the page menu on the right-hand side of the guide.

Seeking permission

When do I need to get permission?

The vast majority of copying for educational purposes is permitted by the Statutory licences that the University has with CAL, Screenrights and the Music Societies.

There are, however, circumstances in which direct copyright permission is required from the copyright holder before you can reproduce or communicate material in articles, books and theses.

For legal and practical purposes, the University requires these grants of copyright permission to be obtained in writing and managed centrally through the Manager, Scholarly Publications and Copyright in Library Services.

Instances where direct permission is required may include:

  • Where more than a ‘reasonable portion’ of a work is to be used, eg. use more than one chapter of a book at any one time
  • For AV material which is not covered by the Screenrights Licence (a segment from a purchased or hired film for example)
  • For publication or dissemination of results of research depending on:
    • intended use of third-party content (at what stage in the research) and
    • the financial basis of the research project (e.g. a commercially funded research project, as opposed to a strictly university funded or government funded project) 

Applying for permission

Contact the Manager, Scholarly Publications & Copyright if you would like further information on gaining permission to use third party material in your next publication. 

If permission has already been obtained please send a copy of all the relevant paperwork (or forward the relevant emails which state the terms of the permission granted) to the Manager, Scholarly Publications and Copyright, as it is essential that records of all copyright permissions are kept centrally.

Acknowledging permission

It is customary to acknowledge the permission of copyright holders, and many copyright holders require inclusion of a particular form of acknowledgment, for example:

Reproduced with permission by the © Lawbook Co., part of Thomson Legal & Regulatory Limited,

Comprehensive Copyright Guide for Higher Degree Research Students